Guild Migration Bundle

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Guild Migration Bundle

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πŸ“’ We are looking for competitive RO players to join our server! πŸ“’
πŸ‘Š Bring your whole Guild and avail of our migration bundle and jump right straight into war! 😈

To avail of this bundle, your Guild must meet or follow our requirements:
  • ❗ You must have a minimum of 10 unique players on your Guild. All your members will be validated, "representatives" and dual logins are NOT allowed.
  • ❗ We now permit old or existing players to receive the Guild package, but only a maximum of 5 members are allowed. The remaining members of your Guild must be new players(less than 1 month of playtime)
  • ❗ To prove your Guild's commitment, All your members must STRICTLY be online when claiming your bundle. You can suggest a scheduled date and time with us and we will try our best to accommodate your Guild.

All of your members will receive the following rewards:
  • βœ… 1-month character VIP membership
  • βœ… Costume Voucher
  • βœ… Gym Pass Box
  • βœ… Equipment Set:
    • πŸ‘š +6 Colored Valkyrie Armor of choice x2
    • πŸ‘š +6 Valkyrie Manteau
    • πŸ‘š +6 Colored Valkyrie Shoes of choice
    • πŸ‘š +6 Sleipnir
    • πŸ‘š +6 Valkyrie Shield x2
    • πŸ‘š +6 Colored Valkyrie Helm of choice
    • πŸ‘š +6 Evo Icarus weapon of choice
    • πŸ‘š +8 Ice weapon of choice
    • πŸ‘š Costume Cloak of choice
    • πŸ‘š Midgear of choice
    • πŸ‘š Dragon Wings of choice
    • πŸ‘š Nile Rose x2
    • πŸ‘š Accessory Orb of choice
  • βœ… PvP-ready Cards:
    • πŸƒ Turtle General Card x4
    • πŸƒ Doppelganger Card x4
    • πŸƒ Tao Gunka Card
    • πŸƒ Golden Thief Bug Card
    • πŸƒ Deviling Card
    • πŸƒ Ghostring Card
    • πŸƒ Gemini-S58 Card x2
  • βœ… Guild Supplies:
    • βœ… 100,000,000 Zeny
    • βœ… 10 Cheques
    • πŸ’Š Yggdrasil Berry Box [10] x200
    • πŸ’Š Yggdrasil Seed Box [10] x200
    • πŸ’Š Unripe Yggdrasil Berry Box [100] x20

On top of all the awards above, your leader will receive the following:
  • πŸƒ Lord Knight Card
  • πŸƒ Thanatos Card
  • πŸƒ Gloom Undernight Card
  • πŸƒ Fallen Bishop Hibram Card
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