Astral MMORPG Newbie Guide

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Astral MMORPG Newbie Guide

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Beginner Guides and Tips

Astral MMORPG is a revamped Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game based on the classic Ragnarok Online. Players get to enjoy and experience leveling-up, making friends, joining guilds, hunting, completing quests, experimenting with skills, participating in player-vs-player, and exploring Rune Midgard.

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Job Classes

As a gamer, what kind of character do you want to be in-game?
Melee: Swordsman, Merchant, Thief class
Ranged: Archer, Mage Class
Support: Acolyte Class

Tip: For beginners it is recommended to create an archer class. This class is convenient and advantageous in farming.

Basic Hotkeys
• Alt + E - Inventory
• Alt + A - Stat Points allocation.
• Alt + Q - Equipments
• Alt + O - Option
• F12 - Opens hotkeys for skill
• F1 to F9 - Hotkeys for Skill
• Alt + M - Emotion Menu
• Alt + C - Open a Chat room

Basic Commands

• You can view all the usable command by typing @command
• /noctrl – Enable you to attack continuously without pressing Ctrl
• /nc – Same as above
• /noshift or /ns – Enable you to cure on undead without pressing Shift , Used when Healing Undeads and so.
• /bm - toggles display of battle mode and chat box display
• /am <message> - toggles auto-reply to private message
• @refresh - synchronized your position with the one stored on the server
• @schedule/@sched - display list of important schedules
• @itemlook <item ID> - displays all the information about the item ID provided (combination of @whosell, @whobuy, @whodrops, @ii, @ii2)
• @moblook <mob ID> - Displays all information about the mob ID provided (combination of @whereis, @mi)
• @quest - warps you to the quest NPV
• @gonpc <number> - warp you on the NPC based on the number provided (see know your NPC’s below)
• @request <message> send a message to all connected GMs

Basic Emojis

Using Alt+M lets you view emojis in-game:
/swt – A sweat Drop , Commonly use
/heh – a laughing emotion
/an – An angry emotion
/ho – A Melody symbol emoticon
/pif – when irritated
/kis – Kissing with a heart
/kis2 – kissing without heart
/lv – a heart
/e1 to /e18 – new emotion

Know Your NPCS :geek:

You can directly warp to the npc by typing @gonpc <Number>
1. Skills Guru
2. MVP Room
3. Broadcaster
4. Warper
5. Kafra (Maintown)
6. PvP Warper
7. Healer
8. Job Master
9. Reset Girl
10. Gold Room
11. Berry Room
12. PvP Ladder
13. Rogue Master
14. Rentals
15. Platinum Skills
16. Cheque Agent
17. Banks
18. DB Room
19. Stylist
20. VIP Manager
21. Quest NPCs
22. Hourly Rewards
23. Costume Guru
24. Daily Rewards
25. Card Remover
26. Repair & Refine
27. Astral Mall
28. Punching Bags
29. Activity Rewards Shop
30. Donation Assistant
31. Vote Rewards Shop
32. Event Lord
33. Card Collector

We get it, you need to level up fast so you can go farm and do quests! Here are awesome welcome gifts for you to enjoy the game as a newbie:
• Tyro Set (Helm, Armor, Shield, Shoes, Manteau)
• Vesper Core 3 & 4
• Angeling Wings (rental)
• Potions
• Field Manuals
• Faux Doppelganger Card (1pc)
• VIP membership (3-day)
Note: "Faux" cards are MVP cards which are 50% of the original cards' effect.

These freebies are 1 set only for 1 character Per Account, per IP, per device ;)


Where to level-up?
  • @warp pay_fild04 (novice/high novice)
  • @warp pay_dun02/@warp pay_dun04
  • @warp ice_dun01
  • @warp in_sphinx4
  • @warp thor_v01


You've made it into max level and hunted your equipments. You've got stronger than the first time you logged in. You know your're good in PvP (or a reliable support). Now you're ready for combat! Joining guild wars is one of the epitome of fun in playing here on Astral MMORPG. You win new friends and enemies here, so good luck and choose your group wisely!

Some players make their own guild. Guilds are made by those who've been playing a lot of Ragnarok and already have a handful of allies to begin with. For those solo-players that are looking for a guild, our discord server has a channel called #looking-for-guild. You can shout there what kind of character do you have and ask to join any guild. :D

Guild packs
Once certain requirements are met by you and the guild you're in, you will be eligible for a guild pack.
To claim it:
• You must be at level 255
• Join any level 50 guild with minimum of 15 members
• Claim your guild pack at the NPC

Note: 1 guild pack (Per IP, per device)

What's in it?
• Stellar Helm
• Stellar Armor
• Stellar Shield
• Stellar Shoes
• Stellar Manteau
• 2x Accessory of Choice
• +10 Basic Weapon
• Wing of Choice
• Basic PvP Cards
• Supplies


Farming is the hustle to keep your game afloat the in-game economy. You do this so you can buy that coveted headgear or high-end equipment (so you can kill more players in pvp, jk). Among other quests we have in-game to enjoy, here are the general places to farm in-game:
• Gold Room (@gonpc 10)
• Berry Room (@gonpc 11)


After farming and selling your loots for lots of zeny, you can now consolidate them in forms of Cheques.
One Cheque is equal
to 10,000,000 zeny.

You can exchange this by
talking to the
cheque agent (@gonpc 16):

To be able to use this feature, the agent will ask you to complete a quest and get a Passport. The materials needed are:

• Angeling Card (0/1)
• Deviling Card (0/1)
• Arc Angeling Card (0/1)
• Poring Card (0/30)
• Drops Card (0/20)
• Poporing Card (0/10)
• 100,000,000 Zeny