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Streamer Program

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Are you a content creator or know someone who loves streaming games? Then we have an amazing offer just for you!
We are looking for players who are willing to stream our game. You will be rewarded with in-game benefits and even real money compensation!
Interested? Simply send us a message here, or in any of our social media pages, along with your gaming channel.

  1. All our streamers will receive the following as benefits:
    • 3x Viewer Reward Box (Given every stream, per hour)
      • 2x Field Manuals
      • 5x Blood Branch
      • 5x Blessing Scroll
      • 5x Increase Agi Scroll
      • 5 Vote Points
      • 5 Astral Points
      • 1M ~ 5M Zeny
      • 0.5% chance of getting Headgear Box
  2. Once you become an official streamer, you will receive the following:
    • Streamer Cap (Account Bound)
    • Your own streamer code: When a player donates and uses your code, you can either get a commission of 5% as cash, or 10% as points.
    • Streamer Supply Box (Renewable every 30 days)
      • 30 Days Stellar Set
      • 30 Days Valkyrie Set
      • Yggdrasil Supplies
      • Account VIP Ticket
    • 2 Top Fan hat (You can give this to 2 of your loyal viewers every month
  3. Our loyal/paid streamers will receive all the benefits above, including the following:
    • Premium Streamer Cap (Account Bound)
    • Bound Valkyrie Set
      • Valkyrie Armor
      • Valkyrie Manteau
      • Valkyrie Helm
      • Valkyrie Shield
      • Valkyrie Shoes
      • Nile Rose
    • Account VIP Ticket
    • 30 Days Yggdrasil Berry
    • 30 Days Yggdrasil Seed

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Everyone is welcome to stream our game. However, to become a paid streamer, you must show consistency.
  2. You must know how to play Ragnarok Online. Experience on high-rate servers is a plus.
  3. You must stream on any of the following platforms:
    • Facebook Gaming
    • Twitch
  4. You must at least have a working microphone, to be able to interact with your viewers.
  5. Upon becoming a paid streamer, you are required to stream our game for at least 2 hours, 4x a week.
  6. Albeit not required, it is highly recommended that you use our overlays during your streams. You can download them using this link.
  7. The main purpose of the Viewer Giveaway Box is to reward your viewers, but it is up to you on how you will use them.
  8. You must refrain from discussing other Ragnarok servers during your stream.
  9. If you want to take it a step further than being our official streamer, you can apply to be our partner once you have reached the following criteria:
    1. Your channel's followers/subscribers must reach:
      • Facebook Gaming - 500 Followers (Excluding Likes)
      • Twitch - 200 Followers
    2. All your streams in the last 7 days must reach at least 1,000 views
    3. Once you've met the criteria above, kindly send me the message above so we can negotiate.

  1. The views and opinions expressed during your streams do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of our staff team or the server.
  2. The staff team reserves all the right to remove any streamers from our official list.
  3. Our Terms & Conditions, including the rewards might change anytime without further notice.